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2009 Arcade 1P Single Player

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  • Qanba Gravity Silent Joystick
  • Qanba Gravity KS Mechanical Silent Pushbuttons
  • Built-In Switcher to hook up to 4 different devices
  • PC / Steam / Gamebox Compatible 
  • Easy access to mod joystick, pushbuttons or compatible pcbs (Such as the Brook Fighting Series or GP2040)
  • Advanced: Dip Switch Settings
  • Optional Casters can be attached (M8 Threading) for easy mobility

The Qanba 2009 elevates the home arcades to the next level. Combining genuine arcade controls with modern day features, it optimizes owning an arcade cabinet at home. The Qanba 2009 easily turns your home console or PC setup into a candy-cab style Arcade.

With the control panel equipped with Qanba Gravity Joystick and Gravity KS Pushbuttons, alongside Tournament features it makes it perfect for competitive play.

Full Metal Design - Easy to assemble full-metal frame and construction. The control panel top is a true recreation of Japanese arcade cabinets, featuring a sleek black coated aesthetic to suit most situations.

4-Device USB Switching - Plug into 4 devices at once and freely switch between them with a touch of a button.

Spacious Bottom Shelf and Storage Baskets - Equip several devices like PC's and consoles on the roomy bottom shelf, couple with included accessory baskets. These perfect for drinks or more accessories.

Fully Upgradable - It features a standard Japanese arcade style mounting brackets, making it compatible with most Joystick Levers and Pushbuttons. The main board is also modular and can be easily installed with the latest and fastest tournament-grade Joystick PCB's, which takes about 5 minutes or less to do the swap.