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  • PS3, PS4, PC compatible
  • Officially Licensed Sony Product
  • Authentic Qanba stick and Qanba buttons
  • Anti-slip bottom pad
  • LED indicators for MODE and Turbo
  • Tournament LOCK switch
  • USB wired cord compartment
  • 3 pounds
  • 14 x 6 x 9.5 inches
  • UPC: 764210998006


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  • 5
    Works great, arrived ahead of schedule

    Posted by eks on Sep 12th 2021

    This was my first fightstick. It doesn’t have all Sanwa parts, but it feels fantastic at a lower price than the Dragon or Obsidian.

  • 5
    I like it

    Posted by Justin L on Sep 9th 2021

    This is my first stick. The buttons are a bit noisy but everything about the Drone feels good. I like the little compartment for the cable, since I have limited desk space. I bought the Drone for Strive, but I also found it useful for playing Overcooked on PS5. Dualshock 4 controllers are not allowed by the console for playing PS5 games. Luckily the Drone is not detected as a PS4 controller, so it gets past this check.

  • 5
    Qanba Drone

    Posted by Bradley Beaudoin on Mar 24th 2021

    Qanba drone super lightweight Lightning Fast buttons creative Construction multi appeal options long cable management overall very impressive thank you

  • 5
    The Drone Is Awesome!

    Posted by Alexis Rodriguez on May 21st 2020

    Perfect size, great quality and not as loud as I expected.

  • 5
    Great Comfort

    Posted by Joe on May 19th 2020

    I have used this product for approximately 8 hours at the time of writing this review. This is my very first fight stick, and I find it extremely comfortable to use. It rests in my lap nicely, and its light weight does not bother my legs. I kept my box for easy transport to and from tournaments, and it is made of a sturdy material that I have had no issues with so far. My one complaint is that the buttons are too loud and too sensitive for me. Because this is a personal complaint and not a fault of the hardware, I did not take away a star, but if you're looking for buttons that require a little more pressure to avoid accidental misclicks or more silent buttons, you may want to find another stick. I have seen videos on YouTube that detail how to customize the Drone, so this would be a good base if you're looking to get into stick modding.

  • 5
    Qanba Drone

    Posted by Joel Hall on Jan 16th 2020

    My first “fight stick” is the drone which I received a few days ago. Although it’s the cheapest one you offer it still feels like it’s made with good quality and all the inputs seem to work well, just have to get used to it. I also appreciate the free shipping and that it was delivered on time. Overall very happy with the purchase and if I ever need another fight stick I would be happy to purchase another from Qanba.

  • 5
    An excellent product!!!

    Posted by Jose Gonzalez on Jan 15th 2020

    This is my first time getting a arcade joystick at home and I've used them before at arcades and all. I spend a lot of time on Tekken 7 but just using the controller is good just not comfy when you have big hands. So I decided to go with quanba since I always watch a streamer named Yuyu she is a Tekken player who plays for UYU, and since I always seen her use it I decided to go with it. To be honest I'm really enjoying using my Qanba drone, if this is your first time using an arcade joystick go with the Qanba drone.

  • 5
    Qanba Drone

    Posted by Jonathan Castaneda on Jan 3rd 2020

    The best start stick for anyone wanting to try one out

  • 4
    Quality Product; Not my preferred gate

    Posted by Skyler Fox on Dec 30th 2019

    The fight stick as a whole is well built. Its not overly large, and the buttons are laid out well. However, the joystick gate is not what I would want, and its not possible to easily replace it. If you don't want a square gate, then it will be just as beneficial to replace the entire stick.

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